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Thanks to all our customers worldwide who support our internet site
and thanks to clients of our Health Counselor, Kathryn Jones, DiHom

"Good Prices"

Thank you for your information and good prices, which is why I placed an order with your site versus another. I appreciate the speedy service!  
  My thanks, Jason C  
"Great Info"

I love your site, its so full of so much information and great remedies! I believe in homeopathy and want to get my girlfriend some remedies.  
  Thanks, G 
"Online Descriptions Appreciated"

 Using homeopathic remedies have been helpful in the past for me.  The information in the descriptions for each remedy has helped me greatly to use the ones that I already have on hand for other ailments that I was not aware of before.  
  Thanks, Lily 
"Homeopathy for Animals, Too!"

Hi Kathryn: Thank you ever so much for the info here! I"m so glad I found Elixirs! My animals and my family feel alot better knowing I have alternatives at hand.  
  Best! Sue H  
"Speedy Shipment"

I have already received my order. Thank you for the speedy shipment.  
"Excellent Products"

Thanks for all of your help and excellent products Kathryn!    
  Gail Johnson CMT 
"Lymphatic and Immune Product"

Kathryn, yes you may use my testimony. I feel honored to do so and to share what this wonderful product has done for my daughter and me...Thanks, for asking.   Both my daughter & I have used Lymphomyosot and it helped us in so many ways. Both of us have Lymphedema...And in addition, I have had 2 Lung surgeries,.....have 1 lung, and it is compromised. The immune system stays low....I catch colds too easily, and Bronchitis, etc. When using this product, I found that the mucous was decreased significantly and I didn't have as many colds. The Lymphatic system was aided , in that there was a decrease in swelling also. Enough about my TESTIMONY! I need to order some. I want 1 bottle of the Liquid. Thank you,  
  M Johnson
"Health Consultation"

Kathryn, thank you so much for your knowledge and help. I like the way that you explain everything to me. Thanks again, Sincerely  
  Joan H 
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Thank you for your suggestions for the discomfort of my incisional hernia. I am currently wearing a hernia belt for my upper abdomen, but at times the discomfort is quite intense. I must tell you that I have used about 25% of the suggested remedies, Calcarea Carb and Silicea, remedies, amazingly we have already been able to tell that my upper abdominal muscle is "tighter". I have always had a weak abdomen as I had two major surgeries prior to my tenth birthday. My wife and I can tell a difference so we're looking forward to seeing even more improvement.
We were so pleased that you were able to fill and ship our order that day and that we received it in TWO days!
  Thank you. Mike. 

Kathryn Jones, thank you for your recent help. I am amazed how well the URI-Control works for my spasming bladder. I could not use Detrol as it made me cough so I'd have to break the pills in half and even then it really left me with dry mouth. Uri-Control does not leave me with any side effects. Thank you for your time.  
  Sincerely, Sue  

I received my package today. Wow, those are some good headache pills on special. My dad had an aching headache for a few days and with in a matter of 10 minutes it was gone. And those knots i get in my neck were gone also along with the headache they brought. So thank you and God bless I will continue to order from yall. Sincerely,  
  Chuck M 
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"Help for ADD 9 year old and his family"

Dear Kathryn,

       I wanted to write you a letter and let you know what a god send you and the Homeopathic remedies have been to our lives. From May of 1997 until April of 1998, my 9 year old son was totally out of control. In this time he was suspended from school 4 times for sexual harrassmment because of the things he would say to girls. He punched a female teacher and called her a butt-hole. He had held a pillow over his little brother's head and jumped into the middle of his brother's back and the list goes on and on.

     In April of 1998, I was at the end of my rope. I love my son with all my heart and soul, but I also hated what he was doing. Then I made the phone call that turned our lives around. I called Kathryn Jones and she worked with me and my child to find a combination of remedies that would work FOR MY CHILD.

     Now, my child is a joy to be around. His teacher now enjoys his presence in class and he actually has friends at school.The change in him is amzzing and for the first time in yers, I look forward to spending time with him.

     The most incredible thing of all is how the Homeopathic medications have completely turned his life around. Not only are his teacher and classmates actually glad to have him around, but he has been invited to attend the end of the year swimming party. This is something that I never dreamed would be posssible, then again, I never dreamed that that there would be a time when I actually enjoyed my child.

     I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul and with every fiber of my being for bringing my child back to me. He went from being impossible to being incredible and if I said thank you a million times, it wouldn't be nearly enough.

      Thank you, you have made all of the difference in the world to our family.
  Suzanne D
Moses Lake, WA 
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"Hayfever Relief"

BHI Allergy is great. I take 1 tablet 15 minutes befor mowing the lawn and I don't wheeze at all. Works great! Haven't had to use my inhaler all spring.  
  Rian C
Boise, ID 
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"Long Distance Tumor Help"

Dear Kathryn,

       It looks as if god from the other end of the world is replying to our mail.We are happy, especially me! I want to thank you for the medicine you suggested to my mother for her tumor and she is taking it in consultation with the doctor.She is improving due to your suggestion.
  Vikram Vanam
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"Timely Health Newsletter"

Thank you. Thank you. This is so timely. A couple of days ago I broke out with hives and was at a loss as what to do. It has reoccurred on hot days. You are the best.  
  Phyllis Dague 
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"Thanks for Being So Easy to Work With"

I received the order already. Thank you for the extra information with the Health Consultation.Kathryn, you are like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for starting a web site and for being so easy to work with.I have already told many people about you. Hope they decide to use the wonderful service you provide. You have a convert in me.  
  Kim B
Boonville, MO 
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"Well Thought Out Site"

Thanks for a well thought out site. It is very easy to use and navigate.  
  Harry M. Campbell. Jr 
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"Thanks for Staying On the Net"

God bless you that you are staying on the internet.I will look forward to the continuing newsletters.  
  Michelle Mucchetti 
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"Pains Have Ceased Entirely"


       Thanks for the quick response to my questions. We'll continue the doses as recommended. The shooting pains in the thighs have ceased entirely!Ian, no longer wakes sceaming as he had done with the ear infections.
  Susan E
Ijamsville, Maryland 
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"Big Improvement in My Three Year Old"

I also wanted to tell you that Holly is doing very well. I mean she is still three and some tantrums are to be expected, but they are nothing like they were. She is very funny, very pleasant and I think she is also learning better.All of the sudden she was finally getting the concept of colors and letters,and the fact that I am Mom, Mother and Kim.

These are small things, but they were starting to worry me because I knew she should be able to grasp this. I don't know what those pills do, but they help her very much. She still doesn't want to stop wearing her diaper at night. I guess I am just going to have to wait for her to WANT to. Also want to let you know that I send people your way all the time. I hope at least some of them have contacted you. Kim Brizendine.
  Kim Brizendine 
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"Going the Extra Mile"

Ms. Jones,

      I appreciate you sending me the two books that I ordered along with the information pamphlets and samples. The weight loss material really caught my wife's eye,and the homeopathic materials helped my mother better understand the significance of cell salts.My mother even started taking them today! She says the taste like little candies.Well, again, thank you for your time and for entertaining your customers questions and concerns. Truly, you do go the extra mile for your customers and clients.Such quality stands out in a day and age where good service--and good people--sometimes seem hard to find.
  Derrick McNealy
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"Aconite 30C"

Kathryn ...

     Thank you so much for all your help with my last order. I will definitely be in touch with you for any of my future online orders.
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"What to use and how much"

Dear Kathryn

     In the past your advice was very helpful with Rambeau the poodle. It was so helpful that he became the "poster dog" for homeopathy with the local veterinarian hospital.

You have been hlepful in the past.
  Susan Berglowe
Boca Raton, FL 
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"The information is most appreciated!!"

I love your web site! I am an avid user of homopathic medicine for both my animal companions and myself. It was so nice to find out more information about specific remedies in this web site..so thanks! The information is most appreciated!!  
  Heyde Class 
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"So informative"

Thanks. You have a great website! So informative, and I can find so many items that are not carried in health food stores.  
  Stephen Early  
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"I can sleep all night"

Dear Kathryn,

Just wanted to let you know how well the BHI Sinus Relief Nasal Spray (Euphorbium) and Sinus tablets by BHI are working for me. Finally, I can sleep all night without waking up with a stuffy nose. Thanks for all your help.
Mrs. Hinds
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"I am a believer"

I have tried homeopathic pellets for a bruised finger that I had for 5 months and it stayed swelled and very sore. I used Arnica Montana pellets and after a few days I could see my finger improve. It did not return and is very good now and this was 1 1/2 years ago. So , I am a believer in homeopathic treatment. I have studied more on it since. But am never sure what to use for particular problems.and how much to use and how often.

I Thank you.
  Margaret W
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"Success again!"

Hi again Kathryn,

    Success again! Since I've had so much success with you, I am coming back!
  Lavada Crewe
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"My Prior Success"

Dear Kathyrn,

     You were so nice to me last week, I just wanted to let you know that I advertised for your website on the "The Living Well Forum" website, an interesting website that deals with thyroid problems.. I told them that the Natra-Bio Thyroid Support Glandular Homeopathy is available from your site. Someone asked me if it is readily available. I had told them about my prior success with that formula.

     Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me.
  Kind regards,
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"It works"

Received the kit in the mail today. Thanks. Have already tried one of the remedies and am amazed at how well it works.  
Carla Dailey
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Dear Kathryn,

     Thank you so much for keeping me posted regarding the Nosode Book. I greatly appreciate it.

     By the way, I was talking to one of my patients the other day in my office about Homeopathy, cell salts, etc. I told him it was too bad he didn't have a computer because he could learn a lot from the "Elixirs" web-site. He then noticed the small zipper nosode case lying on my desk that I had ordered from you, and he said he had the exact same case!

     He said he purchased it from a Homeopath, but couldn't remember who. After telling him where I got mine, and your name and where you were located, he said, "Oh, yes! Now I remember! That's who I got mine from!"

    He said he had talked with you over the phone recently, and couldn't say enough nice things about you, and how courteous and forthcoming you were to him, and showed great patience when answering his "dumb questions".

Small World!

Just thought you'd like to know you have another admirer here in South Florida.
  Thanks again,
Dr. Farrow
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"Pain Relief"

     Yes, send the Mag Phos, too, Kathryn. I'll give some to my mother and see if it helps her.

     Fortunately for me, I found my bottle of Spasm/Pain that you had sent me a while ago. It is working wonders on my neck and shoulder muscles that go into spasm from work (I think). Two Advils and two Valerian usually work pretty well, also, but the Spasm/Pain was even better. ;)
Del G
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Greetings Kathryn Jones. Testimony Truth: This is a true fact. Started taking Bioplasma Cell Salts. Three months later, have noticed fingernails are the BEST they have EVER been in 40 years. Was going to one of the most reputable dermatologists in country in year 1970. Could not find a remedy or affliction. They are now the healthiest I have ever had. Only thing I can think that might have caused "dramatic" improvement in past 3 months would be the Cell Salts I take. Just want to let you know this!  
  Regards, Chuck H. MN 
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"Refreshing Change"

I must congratulate you on creating a wonderful site on Homeopathy and the self-health guide. This kind of a site comes very handy to all the parents especially who want to treat their children through homeopathy. In the cyber world of medicine where all treatment and diagnostic advices are commercial, this site is indeed a refreshing change.  
  Vanita Varma 
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"Infection Testimonial"

Pain woke me up one morning in my thumb. It was red swollen and hot and VERY painful. I couldn't imagine what was wrong, hen I remembered I had stuck myself under the nail a WEEK ago and something must of gotten into it and infected it. It hurt so much that I was toying with the idea of going to the ER. I remembered I had the BHI Infection remedy in my stock of remedies. I started taking them right away, every five minutes and after an hour and a half it was feeling better and then kept taking them every hour or less. By the next day the swelling and pain were 95% gone!! I was amazed and happy at how fast it worked.  
  Cindy Petric
Western NY 
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"Valued support!"

Hi Kathryn,

     I just finished speaking to you on the phone, and you were most helpful as always! I just wanted to reiterate how much relief I have had from chronic sinusitis, and that nasty hayfever drip and congestion, by using the Hayfever Nasal Spray by BHI. I have previously used prescription Rhinocort, with no relief, just a dry, sore throat and a headache. Not so with the Hayfever Spray, just soooooooothing relief! I also am using the cell salts; Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, and Ferr Phos, and Bioplasma, to support the healing for the respiratory tract. The combo seems to be working! I am looking forward to continued success with the other many products I have ordered.

Thanks again for your valued support!
  Diane Yahrmatter
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"Great Website"

I just want to thank you for a superb website!

Having recently embarked on a homeopathic course, this site is proving to be very informative and extremely helpful.

Kind regards
  Helen Harvey 
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     In 1984 I worked up the courage to have my bladder removed. The surgeryseemed the answer to my horrific pain. My hopes for no more attacks wereshort lived as I again started having violent attacks. The attacks werelasting an hour or more.

     I was so discouraged but I toughed it out I started eliminating foodsfrom my diet. Gone were my roasted cashews, bacon and pork products, andice cream. This seemed to work for a year, then the attacks came again.I had them periodically for the next fifteen years.

      I consulted with my Dr. when the pain again brought me to my kneesand she refereed me to a specialist, who said stones were forming in myducts and possibly my liver. The specialist removed as many stones as hecould. He said that some were in my liver, and they sent me to auniversity hospital. There they repeated the procedure and were able toremove some additional stones. They asked me to come back for more testsand a surgery to insert a tube to drain these stones from my liver. Atthe time my life was busy taking care of a loved one, so the idea ofdoing the procedure was not the right time.

      I decided to do research on the internet. I brought up ELIXIRS. com.

     Upon reading about Chelidonium 30 cc I again felt hopeful. I ordered theproduct and am very pleased. I take my pellets daily, as the productexpels stones and keeps new ones from forming.

      The surgeons said that there was no medication available to theworking class people, that the one they had was far beyond our pocketbook.

     I thank God for the internet, and the people who made this productavailable.

     The last surgical extraction's were in 1999. Thank you ELIXIRS. andKathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor. I am pain free, and a happycamper.

      I give my permission to use my name and town. Will answer any emailthat are refereed to me. I believe in this product, and I believe ingood health.
  Sharon Hildebrant
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     I have "onocular migrains" that can hit at any time and they are VERY scarey. I get flashing lights in my eyes and my field of vision becomes smaller and smaller. Sometimes I can't see (if looking straight ahead) from half way down, it is all flashing lights. Other times I can't see out of one eye, or half of the vision is gone horizontally. No pain, I just can't see, but a little headache after the flashing is gone. The whole thing lasts a couple of hours and it is very frightening.

     Doctors say, "it is a migraine, can't help you" an eye doctor says the same. This time I took Natrum Mur 6X [500 or 1000 tablet sizes available] and BHI Headache, within 15 minutes the flashing was going away and in 30 it was gone. I kept taking the Headache II to keep the headache away.

     I just can't tell everyone how amazing homeopathic medicine is. It has helped my family through many things. I won't leave home without my Natrum Mur and Headache II any more, these migraines hit at any time.
  Cindy Petric
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"Wonderful Site"

Just thought I would drop a line and tell you what a wonderful site you have!! Very informative and one of , if not the best site for Homeopathy on the Net. Great product line and very extensive. Keep up the graet work.  
Lyle G
Alberta Canada 
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"I believe in homeopathic products"

     I look forward to hearing from you. I believe in homeopathic products and alternative medecine. I have 2 young children, ages 2 and 5. I have not vaccinated my little guy. It's nice to be in touch with someone else who has experience with not vaccinating their kids (and they have survived)! We are traveling and working in a motorhome. It is great to have an online link to homeopathy that we can use wherever we travel to.  
  Many thanks,
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"Direction for therapy"

Dear Ms. Jones,

     Thank you so much for your very prompt response and invaluable information. I certainly will be doing more research and reading on the information that you gave me and did notice some good informational books on your website. I appreciate your knowledge and concern for one's individual well being.
  Thanks again

Jan Larson 
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"Able to Understand Remedies"

I liked your site - was able to understand the medicines my homeopath gave me and also the importance of mentioning every symptom I notice. Thanks for maintaining this site.  
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"Looking Great"

Hi Katherine

     I am using Thuza for skin tags and it is working. My tags started disappearing. I am using ClearAc tablets and ClearAc cleanser for Acne and I can see noticeable difference. My skin is looking great.
  Thank you very much
Madhulika D
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I am homeopathic practitioner and very impressed with this site  
  Irshad Mahmood 
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"Well done"

     Just a few words on Robert's follow up! I did exactly like you said. Last time we had the problem, Sulphur seemed to help a lot, so I gave him 1M once and then put all the medication you had suggested into his suitcase with the appropriate labelling.

     Last nite, when he called, he said the medication "seemed to be doing him a lot of good"!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! I know this is a long term thing, but seemingly small victories like finding the right remedies for the liver for example, and also to help him lose the cravings are enormous, and I feel this is a super victory, because Robert was not over enthusiastic about testing this in Africa, where the tension is enormous - especially like I said, in Belgium, homeopaths are very structured, and the Americans seem to be much freer and adventurous in their work, but also very much more on an "as needed" basis, and this can be so disconcerting... when you have had your hand held into the slightest move, and suddenly you are out there all on your own, with "as needed", it is pretty scary, BUT he did it, and we are apparently getting results. Thanks, thanks and thanks again!

     With the knowledge that Nux and Quercus will help long term on the liver damage, and the fact that we now have found something to help the craving, I am feeling very much better too. It is somewhat less stressful, so thanks for me as well.
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"Working Wonders"


     After 10 days of Robert being home and taking everything you suggested, he says he has never felt so good, and the medication is working wonders for him. He is full of energy, and looks (and feels) 10 years younger. You cannot imagine how grateful we both are....

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"I was delighted"

Thank you so much for your guidance Kathryn. I was delighted to receive such excellent and prompt advice.  
  Carol Z
Lowellville, OH 
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"Thanks For All the Information"

"Someone just sent me your website....this is incredible! what a wealth of info!"  
  Mary Wulff-Tilford,
DIHom; Professional Herbalist,A.H.G.
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"Corns Went Away"

Thank you for the follow up on my request about the corns.Took the remedy and in about two weeks, the corns were gone.Homeopathy really is the way to go for a lot of every day maladies.Again, thank you for the assistance in this matter.  
  Red Coupland
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Dear Kathryn,

     The information you have sent me and with my using the Cell Salts andremedies that you advised have made me feel 90% better.I thank you with all of my heart. Thank you
Delhi, Iowa 
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"Pet Health Benefits"

Dear Kathryn,

     For the past several years, I have kept my three dogs and one cat in optimumhealth with three important resources: an excellent veterinarian,your homeopathy website, and a copy of Dr. Pitcairn's guide to natural health for dogs and cats.The book gives useful guidelines to the constellation of symptoms in each ailment and the recommended homeopathic, herbal, and naturopathic treatments.And your website provides excellent service in recommending the best suppliesto have on hand and for fast and efficient order fulfilment. For example, our 7-year-old Australian Shepherd-Lab sometimes eats things she finds in the yard that aren't on the health-foods menu!A simple application of a homeopathic remedy selected from my collection of tissue salts from elixirs.com has allowed her to feel betterwithin an hour or two. It's truly gratifying to be able to see an improvement right away.I like to use herbs as nutritional supplements, but sometimes an acute case of stomach-ache responds to homeopathymore quickly...especially if the dog is barfing all over the floors!!!
  Kris Brotherton
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"Arthritis Relief"

Just a short note to let you know about a product which has really, really, really made a difference. About 7 months ago my mother (70 year old) was told she had arthritis.We have been to doctors, specialist, she has endured cortisone shot, taken so much medicine, until I decide to look into HOMEOPATHY which was introduced to me by my sister in France about a year ago. I called and found out about TRAUMED, my mother's knee was swollen to double or triple its size, after 3 days of using the ointment, her knee is about its average size and she can return to her usual activities.I hope other users can get the same benefit as her. With sincere thanks, A Concerned Daughter  
  Eliane Dos Santos
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"Improvement in Behavior"

Hey Katherine,

     What a wonderful letter and so informative.I ordered several products from you and have noted a great improvement in my son.I thank you for all your help so far. Just to remind you I've been using: Stramoium Silicea 6x Natrum Sulfate 6x I am also careful with diet and especially sleep patterns. You hit that on the nose. I have to be sure he still gets an hour nap after school most afternoons.Also limit process foods. We do a lot of home cooking. Please add something for restleness.
  Valerie B
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"Within Minutes I Feel 100% Better"

Okay, thanks for all your help. And, I just wanted to let you know that I have tried the other remedies I ordered off your web site and they are amazing.I've tried all sorts of things to help me wake up or control my allergies.But these things are the best I've ever tried. Within minutes I feel 100% better.I've been telling everyone about them. Thank you so much.  
  Michelle Gumprecht 
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Thank you for recommending Thuja.It appears to be effective. The pain was gone overnight and the swelling is diminishing.I did have Thuja on hand. I had used it successfully for flat warts.I appreciate your newsletter.  
  Judith L’Heureux Allen 
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"Wonderful Consultation"

I have started a diary to keep track of my progress. I will keep you informed from time to time. Thanks again for your wonderful consultation.I will pass the word to others about your excellent services.  
  Joey Campbell 
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just took 2 of the stomach tablets 1/2 hour ago in response to some abdominal pain followinga big dinner with a beer. The pain subsided within 15 minutes...amazing!  
  Barry Miller
Product purchased:
Stomach by BHI 
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Hi !

I got a newsletter about homeopathic remedies against biological warfare-antrax, small pox etc.Unfortunately it was deleted by mistake-could You be so kind and send it again to me? Thanks a lot!
I also want to thank You for very good and interesting newsletters! Carina. Kathryn's response, Currently online Vaccine Education Page
Dolivaxil Update
Immune Boosters Newsletter.
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"Great Information"

Hi, Kathryn!

     I love your website and am forwarding it's link to my co-workers. You've got some great information here!

Talk to you soon!

Lauri Parent Sales and Product Representative    
Biological Homeopathic Industries/ Heel Inc.       
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"Quality Site"

I am so glad I found your web site, it is full of the information Iwas looking for. Thank you for making it so "user" friendly. I lookforward to reading each new newsletter and learning more about homeopathy. Thank you for providing a quality site.  
  Suzanne L
Sarasota, FL 
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Thank you for all the help you gave me on the phone today. You were very patient, but that is what a beginner needs.  
  Margaret Wyffels
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"No pain with Rhus Tox"

The Mag Phos arrived and I began to take it along with the
Thanks! Have a great weekend!
  Del G
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"User Friendly"

I am so glad I found your web site, it is full of the information I was looking for. Thank you for making it so "user" friendly. I look forward to reading each new newsletter and learning more about homeopathy. Thank you for providing a quality site.  
  Suzanne Little 
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"Hayfever Spray Works!"


     I, too, have found BHI's Hayfever Spray to be the only thing that worked on my allergy problems (tried them all). It especially helped me clear out the excess mucous in my sinuses and throat that drove me crazy. I first tried it based on your description on the website. The labels are only somewhat helpful--your additional comments are great!
  Jan Early
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"Excellent job "

Hello Ms./ Dr. Kathryn Jones,

I would like to take the opportunity of wishing you best of luck for the excellent job you are doing for the health of PATIENTS and above all HELPING promote HOMOEOPATHY.

Please feel free to email me if I can be of any help.

Thank you.
  Best of health,
Dr. Raaj Swetta Ph.D
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"I really like this site."

This site is so interesting. I have learned many things from this site. Keep up the good work.  
  Michael Scott McGinn 
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"Women's Health"

Please explain to your readers that most doctors do not recommend progesterone cream because this is not offered by the "BIG" drug companies and comes with no perks to doctors. My gynocologist recommended this to me (Progest) and other than the fact that I acquired an allergic reaction did the job, naturally. I did wind up, however, having to switch to Femgest because of the allergic reaction, the results are good with the Femgest.  
  Linda Meglio 
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Thank you -- I intend to try your suggestions for TMJ. What do you suggest for the ears being clogged. I already take Ring Stop which does significantly help with the tinnitus problems I have (which no Dr. I saw could help with). So far, the most relief I've ever had comes from some of the homeopathic remedies I am buying from you all -- I am really happy with your company. Thanks.  
  Dian Larkin
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I am so relieved to find there is something to take for those problems my boyfriend and I are happy and greatful for your help. I have found stuff for my IBS and for my anxiety and now for the gastritis problem which has been plaguing me the most. I ordered him the anxiety and depression combination and I hope it will work as he is having some problems with chemical meds like remron and some other anxiety medications so I am happy that you have your website it is a God send. thanks from  
  Deanna Wynters  
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We here at the SOS Cat Sanctuary have been using Bioplasma in the drinking water for the cats for several years now, and we are presently caring for over 40+ feral cats here. We believe that the addition of Bioplasma, combined with good-quality food, homeopathic medicine (as needed)and nutritional supplements have allowed us to maintain some of the healthiest looking cats we have ever seen. All cats have thick, shiny fur and it is extremely rare to see a cat with "goopy eyes" and upper-respiratory infections that so often plague cat populations. Visitors are often amazed at their appearance, they look far healthier than most "pampered: house cats. We always recommend Bioplasma to anyone with pets. As always, it is better to prevent disease than to have to treat disease. Einige Leute haben die Leben, andere haben Katzen. (Some people have lives, others have cats.) Best regards,  
  Dee SOS Cat Sanctuary
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"Chamomilla for dog"

Hello, I have used Pitcairn's book for many years. Last week one of the dogs I foster for an animal rescue was poisoned. After hours at the vet in the middle of the night, the vet sent me home. He had given her the max dose of muscle relaxer & valium, she was seizing very badly. He did not think she was going to live. When the medications started wearing off, she again started seizing & was very frightened. I gave her Chamomilla 30X. She went out like a light, awoke in a few hours like nothing had happened.  
  Jody Peterson 
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"Help through a difficult time"

Hi Kathryn, I thank you for all of your help and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated. I've stored the kindness and compassion that you've showed me over the past month in a part of my brain that I like to call the place where you will always be remembered. One day if I'm ever giving the opportunity to practice Homeopathic medicine I will always thank you. Best Regards,  
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"Overseas service"

Good morning from a very wet and cold England! Many thanks for your advice, I have ordered some more products. The first products I ordered arrived this morning. Thank you for such speedy service.  
  Tricia Hearne 
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"Panic Attacks"

Got to get your attention somehow...*L* I think that Staphysagria has helped me TREMENDOUSLY, and I thank you for that. My panic attacks have diminished, still get them but not so bad, I start taking the Staphysagria immediately, probably should take it all the time but....it helps. I am doing tapes also, relaxation tapes and all is helping. I think it is related to menopause, it ALWAYS hits three days before my period, hormones are doing it, now have to find good hormone help somewhere. I think I have a good vitiman to take, if I can just get them on the phone and order it. Every time I call they and not there and don't call back right away. *sigh* Well just sending kudo's for the Staphysagria, it has saved my sanity, thanks so much.  
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"Change from Orthodox Medicine"

Thanks for answering the analysis questionnaire. It was a nice little exercise. I started out in orthodox medicine, but through one of our own drugs, I became very ill. From there I studied homoeopathy. I have now retired. thank you for your web site. I am sure a lot of people will benefit by it Regards..Dr. Ray MacCarthy  
  Enter Addressee 
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"Sun Sensitivity"

Dear Kathryn, So far so good with the Graphites; it immediately stopped the stinging and itching, also started drying up the "hives". No medicine I've ever used, including Benadryl cream, has done this. You are a wonder worker, you've got a gift. Thanks ever so much. Best,  
  Sharon Zecchinelli 
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"Allergy best spring ever"

Hi Kathryn! It has been a while since I have placed an order, I have been feeling really well! I have been and continue to use Lycopodium 30C for ovarian problems with great success. Since I first ordered from your site almost 2 years ago, I have been using without let up the Allergy and Asthma formulas by BHI. I am happy to report this has been my best Spring ever! I also use Nat Mur on occasion and love all the Cell Salts and sinus and hayfever sprays! I went into my local Health Food Store 6 weeks ago, they on occasion carry BHI, and asked them to order me the Allergy Formula...it has been 6 weeks and it still isn't in. I have been shopping in that store for 25 years! Ugh! I finally told them I have a great online site where I can get my products in less than 1 week, and to forget the order! Thanks!  
  Diane Yahrmatter
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"Cancer Radiation Treatments "


Hi Kathy, We are eternally grateful to you for all of the research and investment of your time and energy on behalf of our daughter Aimee.
Nov 2, 2003
Hi Kathy, This is just an "e-note" to thank you for your e-mail concerning our daughter Aimee. We are so glad that you are involved in her healing process. Even our older daughter, Terry, who is a nurse, stated, "Thank God for those homeopathic remedies sent to Aimee, they have made an enormous difference in Aimee's healing comfort, and have lifted her out of her emotional depression." Kathy, if Aimee needs anything else from you, just ship it and charge my credit card, OK! May God bless you abundantly.
4-3-03 update
P.S. Just a word about our daughter Aimee Norris. She has been off all alternative and chemo medications for about 2 months now, and she seems to be getting much better!!! Her energy level has greatly improved, and her tumors seem to be shrinking. The heavy metal nickle has apparently been eliminated from her body. All in all, we thank God for every good day she gets. Thank you Kathryn for all the help you have been to her over the many past months. We are very grateful to you. Cordially,
  Walter S 
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"Scars, Head Colds, Indigestion"

I have been a health food patron since 1974. Few products have helped me like the ones I ordered from ELIXIRS.COM . I have suffered from repeated head colds for years, I had 3to 7 colds per season not anymore since I discovered , Mercurius Vivus 30X. I was on the verge of a nasty bout when I read about the product and ordered it, as soon as the product arrived I took some as directed and there was relief for me in minutes, scratchy throat dissipated, sniffingly stooped, felt great not headachey. Another product Carbo Veg stopped my excess gas it seemed everthing I ate gave me gas the product also aided in my ability to digest food therefore giving me more energy from the food.Nitricum Acidum 30C stopped the itch from surgery scars and also stopped excess bumps and pimples on my skin, also my scars are flattening out. I don't know of any other reason why other than use of this product. THANK YOU, ELIXIRS.COM A most satified customer for years,  
  Ann E CA 
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