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Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that utilizes minute doses of carefully selected ingredients to enhance the body's natural healing processes.

Homeopathic medicines sometimes may have only one substance per bottle, called Single Remedies. Commonly homeopathic medicines have several remedies together called Combination Products or Combo.

Remember, Homeopathy does not interact with other health products. Homeopathy is without side effects. This make homoepathy ideal to use along with prescriptions drugs, vitamins, supplements or other homeopathic remedies.

When homeopathic remedies are used by a classical homeopathic practitioner, often only one remedy is used at a time & allowed to work completely. We have 100's of Single Remedies and Combination Products.
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Homeopathy for Health proudly offers to the consumer, top homeopathic manufacturers. The companies have the highest standards of quality and manufacture FDA regulated homeopathic remedies. W

Our Top Selling Combination Products. Click onto the Remedy for More Information.

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief - Stiffness of joints, especially worse in morning and before movement or wet weather. Relief for gout, rheumatism, swollen joints.

  • Lymphatic Support - Chronic illness; chronic infections; sluggish system; swollen lympth glands.

  • Sleep and Relax Combo - For a better night's sleep. Relax to sleep or help with wake up at night. No melatonin, so take when you need Wake up more refreshed.

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