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Product: Digestive Combo 30C economy 1 oz with 800 pellets
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New Digestive Combo. Mid range 30C potency for gastrointestinal concerns. Use as a substitution for BHI/Heel Gastricumeel. Digestive Combo is a unique formula to Elixirs.com. Digestive Combo for relief of indigestion and heartburn, flatulence. Digestive Combo is helpful when overeating or eating bad food combinations. Digestive Combo contains natural remedies:

Carbo Veg 30C to help calm burping, gas, reflux, gallbladder weakness, ulcers, painful swelling of stomach, much flatulent distention. Helps absorb toxicity to relieve reflux symptoms.

Arsenicum Album 30C relieves gastritis, diarrhea, burning sensation in stomach, cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Alleviates stomach upset when eating sugar or overeating, flatulence, heartburn, dyspepsia.

Aloe Soc 30C supports intestinal function. Aloe is useful for gas, Colitis symptoms, rumbling in the stomach, rumbling and cramping prior to stool, sudden or continued urging to stool, involuntary stool. Aloe is also useful for bloating, pain over liver region. Helpful for irritable bowel for both constipation and diarrhea episodes.

Natrum Phos 30C is a natural enzyme to balance acidity. Natrum Phos calms stomach distress from fatty foods, alcohol, nicotine. Helpful for bruised soreness of abdominal walls, weight and pain in stomach.

Sulphur 30C is helpful for nausea, belching, sensation of fullness in stomach. Sulphur helps with gastrointestinal function and constipation.
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Dosage and potency guidelines

Digestive Combo 30C potency is an economy 1 oz bottle of 800 pellets for 265 doses. Pellets are in a base of sucrose and cornstarch.
Kathryn Jones' Specialty COMBO product, purchase 2 or more mix or match for $1 off each COMBO product.

Suggested dose is 3 pellets taken at one time as one dose. Use 1 to 4 times daily with less frequency as improvement is made.
Use one dose before meals for improved digestive function. Take an additional dose after meals for relief of more severe symptoms.

$19.99 Buy Digestive Combo 30C economy 1 oz with 800 pellets