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Product: Chamomilla 30C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 15% SALE
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Chamomilla is useful to calm the pain and irritability that accompanies illness. Useful for insomnia, restlessness, tension and stress. Great to help you relax in the evening and have a good night sleep. Chamomilla is one of the best remedies to relax you before bedtime to avoid restlessness and insomnia. Great for all ages youngster to adult.
A classic remedy for earaches and colds. Relief from symptoms of earaches, diarrhea, anxiousness, nervousness, moodiness. Pains that seem unbearable, for those nighttime pains and illness, for illness after exposure to wind.
Earaches that are painful at night with restlessness and insomnia.
Chamomilla is an important children's remedy for colic, restlessness, teething, earache, colds, diarrhea. Chamomilla is helpful for teething pain with irritability.
Earaches that accompany teething or diarrhea. Gum irritation, mild fever, sore throat, mild diarrhea, irritability associated with teething.
Number 1 remedy for the peevish, irritable baby or child. Colic for the baby that pulls his legs up and screams. This child is very complaining and vocal. Pain tolerance is low for this baby. Snappy and contrary to anything the parents try to do to comfort the child. Baby cries no matter what you do to entertain them. They quickly refuse what they have just asked for. They may throw temper tantrums when frustrated. Yet they like to be carried. They feel hot, are worse with heat and worse in the evening prior to midnight.
Chamomilla and childhood disorders go hand in hand. I recommend every young parent have on hand Chamomilla and Pulsatilla. Chamomilla can be a real godsend for parents with a Chamomilla constitution child. Chamomilla children are those whiny, colicky kids that you just can't seem to make happy. Dr. Charles Hempel called Chamomilla the "catnip of homeopathy". Chamomilla is suited to children with light brown hair that throw temper tantrums. Happy part of the day, but temperamental and explosive if frustrated. If given the object they are yelling for, they are still dissatisfied. The key to deciding to use Chamomilla is the child's emotional state. For instance, use Chamomilla for infant teething and colic, when the child is irritable and restless. A disposition that is calm and gentle. Childhood disorders. When ill, child has one cheek that is red and hot, the other cheek is pale and cool. Pain seems unbearable. Better from: being carried around constantly, cold applications, warm wet weather. Worse from: any pain, heat application, at night, open air or wind blowing on them
Chamomilla's Mini Materia Medica:
Children: Useful for teething with irritability, pain, diarrhea. Colic, earache. Overly sensitive to illness and pain. Snappy and contrary, yet likes being carried. Child feels hot, is worse with heat and in the evening up to midnight. When ill, one cheek is red and hot, the other cheek seems paler and cool.
Colic: Helpful for colic with gripping gas pains, flatulence, distended abdomen, better with legs drawn up.
Diarrhea: Useful for diarrhea during dentition. Watery, slimy stools, like "chopped eggs and spinach".
Earache: Helpful for earache with pain that seems unbearable. Worse with heat. Ears feel as if they are plugged up
Female: Useful for females with menses that are clotted, dark blood. Pains are cramping, colicky. Pain extends to thighs, back and chest. Breast are tender, swollen. pain is intolerable.
Fever: Helpful for fever with irritable, ugly temper, cantankerous, can't be pleased. One cheek is red and hot, the other pale and cold.
Glands: Useful for swollen glands.
Insomnia: Helpful for restlessness in infants, children, woman.
Mental: Useful for impatient, restless, irritable, snappish mental states. Whining, moaning when they don’t get their way. Child can only be quieted when carried or held. Extremely sensitive to pain, wants relief NOW. Angry, especially if spoken to or looked at. Asks for things, then refuses them. Impatient, Angry.
Pain: Beneficial for intolerance of pain, fainting and/or sweating from pain
Toothache: Helpful for teething when cold relieves pain. Teething with diarrhea. One cheek red and hot, the other pale and cool. Dental pain.

Dosage and potency guidelines.
1 oz with 680 pellets for 225 doses.
Suggested dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.
Economy 1 oz bottle with 680 pellets- that's over 9 times more pellets than multidose tubes. Retail $26, 15% off SPECIAL.
  $22.00 Buy Chamomilla 30C economy 1 oz 680 pellets 15% SALE

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