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Classification of Homeopathic Remedies
Confused over the names of remedies versus categories?
Here is some help in defining and making practical Homeopathic labeling.
Cell Salts, Sarcodes, and Nosodes are terms used to classify remedies into categories.
Knowing the category your remedy is in can help with potency selection also!
Do you hear elsewhere confusing comments like 6X is stronger than 30C,
only to see on ELIXIRS.COM that 6X is a lower potency than 30C?
6X has more of the original substance, but is NOT stronger.
For example, Calc Phos 6X has more Calc Phos substance than 30C.
In homeopathy due to dilution and succussion, 6X is a lower potency than 30C.
Stronger in homeopathy should refer to potency selection, not the measurement of material.
One potency is not better than another potency.
Some people use homeopathic terminology wrong and say 6X is stronger than 6C.

Here is a quick overview:
In Cell Salts, 6X (12X if using liquid) is used to enhance absorption of nutrients.
In single remedies, 30C and 200C is most often used to push away a blockage and reduce a symptom.
In organ therapy, 6C is used to balance and regulate organ and glandular function.
See Potency FAQ's for help in choosing potency .

Cell Salts, Sarcodes, and Nosodes are terms used to classify remedies into categories.
Natrum Mur, Liver, and Psorinum are examples of remedy names within the respective categories.

Use the categories to remind you of areas of homeopathic support you may have overlooked.
In this way, categories bring to light remedy choices rather than limit remedy selection.

For example, a person is overweight with thyroid concerns. Using the categories help bring to mind
direct thyroid support with Thyroid 6C in the Sarcode category.
Combination category brings up Appetite Suppressant for metabolism support.

We can take another example of overactive bladder. Looking at the Combination products for
synergistic support brings up Uri Control to relieve frequent urination and lessen nighttime bathroom trips.
Looking at the Cell Salt category brings up Natrum Sulphur to support function of the urinary system.
Searching under the Single Remedy category brings up Berberis for incomplete urination.
Using homeopathic classification in this way can be a guide for complete health support.

Cell Salts classify homeopathic remedies made from minerals.
Just starting in homeopathy? Start with the Cell Salts. I find Cell Salts a basic category that is
easy to understand and one of the fastest ways to start reaping health benefits with homeopathy.

Stubborn health condition? Add Cell Salts to your health plan.
Wanting fast results? Use the Cell Salt that matches your symptoms.
Any health ailments can benefit from Cell Salts. Why? Because minerals are the foundation for
enzyme activity in the body and serve as catalysts in energy cycles and functions.
Cell Salts are used in basic functions of the cells including water balance, digestion, removing toxins,
elasticity of the cells, oxygenation, nutrition, sodium-potassium electrolyte balance, etc.

Biochemistry is a science developed by Dr. Schussler to show how Cell Salts are utilized in the body.
In homeopathic potency, Cell Salts balance the mineral in the body and help the body's utilization of the
mineral from concentrations in the blood and from nutrients in our food and supplements.
Potency for Cell Salt remedies is generally 6X potency for tablet form and 12X potency for liquid form.

Some advantages of Cell Salts:
1) Immediately absorbed through the first line of digestion-the saliva.
2) Because of the advantage above, Cell Salts are excellent for people with digestive problems,
as well as for infants, the elderly or people with severe health conditions.
3) Cell Salts improve absorption and utilization of minerals from food and supplements.

All Cell Salts on SALE! Individual Cell Salts 500 tablets and 1000 tablets. The 12 Cell Salts are: Cell Salts economy size 1000 tablets

Cell Salt Sets in tablets or liquid are a great way to build your natural remedy chest and save $.

Bioplasma is our most popular product. Bioplasma is a combination of all 12 Cell Salts
and is the best overall product for natural support of the immune system.
Bioplasma is a Best Buy family size bottle of 1000 tablets.
Bioplasma maintains a normal electrolyte level resulting in more energy and more upbeat outlook.
Liquid All 12 Cell Salts in One!
Convenient spray top. Useful for people who are lactose intolerant.
More online information in my current Cell Salt Newsletter which includes highlights of the Cell Salts with
Deficiency Signs of the individual Cell Salts, Bioplasma versus individual Cell Salts, etc.

Single remedies are the backbone of homeopathy. People sometimes call and ask what are the ingredients
of a particular single remedy. A single remedy contains just one potenized substance.
Pulsatilla 30C, for example, contains only Pulsatilla in a 30C potency.
Ruta Grav 30C is an example of a single remedy in its most commonly used potency of 30C.
Ruta Grav is for the relief of pain and soreness in bones, joints, tendons, and cartilage.
Ruta Grav benefits degenerative problems in the knees. Ruta Grav is beneficial for bone spurs.
Useful for injured wrists and knees. Ruta Grav is helpful for cysts in wrists, knee.
Remember Ruta Grav to relieve symptoms from repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome .
Ruta Grav is first aid treatment for sprains, injuries, and pulled ligaments.
Here are two Ruta Grav testimonials,
"For Ruta Grav, you list many of the usual symptoms it is used for, but you don’t list one I used it for.
I was looking for a remedy for a ganglion. It was a hard knob that came just where you'd take your
pulse on your wrist. It was hard like a piece of bone. I tried changing my diet and other things for about a year.
The MD said, if it's not a problem, leave it, or have it surgically removed. I had used homeopathy years ago for
minor things and it had never occurred to me it could work for removing a hard knot.
But I did a search and came up with Ruta Grav. It said to take 3 morning and evening for 15 days.
On the 10th day my arm ached a bit but it was gone by 15 days. I thought it was a miracle.
Ganglion should be listed commonly with all the other things it is good for so that the information
about this is easily available" from Paul S.

"Hi: I had MIRACLE results..., from using the Ruta Grav that you recommended for me! I thought you might like my testimonial.
Ruta Grav is inexpensive, so I thought I’d give it a try curing my chronic Achilles Tendonitis, as nothing else has worked!
I followed directions & took 1 dose [of 3 pellets] 3 times daily. As the problem started to reverse I awoke on the 5th day
with moderate pain in every area where I had any problems!- Tendonitis, sciatica, gout.
Arthritis in my- knees, back, neck, shoulder, hands. If I hadn’t read about that guy continuing (after his pains),
with excellent results- I’d have surely quit! I continued & the pains went away, in about two days. In about a week
I noticed that arthritis in my- knees, back, neck, shoulder, hands... no longer ached! No sciatica or gout yet!?
WOW! A month later- I’m now again playing tennis again (first time in years!), hiking, bicycle riding, climbing stairs(all in moderation)
- with little or no pain! Also Ruta Grav is great for eyestrain and I can now sit at my computer for hours, and no eye strain!
Sound too good to be true?! Well try it, & stick the course!- You’ll be HAPPY you did!" from Scott S.

Ruta Grav is offered in all basic potencies. See my helpful tips for potency selection.

ELIXIRS offers single remedies in various sizes and potencies.
Our most cost effective is 30C potency 1 oz bottle of pellets.
The 1 oz size offers 9 times more pellets than the multidose size
Want to purchase a particular single remedy? Type the remedy name into our Search Box.
Or check the remedy name on our listing of 1500+ single remedies.
Or use ELIXIRS' online Health Directory to match health problem with the correct remedy.

A homeopathic combination is a product containing more than 1 homeopathic remedy.
Combination products are tested blends of remedies that support one another and work synergistically.
Following is an example of how a combination product works synergistically.
Lymphomyosot is a combination product for lymphatic support.
Lymphomyosot is available
Lymphomyosot strengthens the lymphatic system's ability to remove impurities.
The result is a truly remarkable product for many toxic conditions such as swollen glands, inflammations,
infections, skin ailments, circulatory conditions, respiratory conditions, edema, etc.
"Both my daughter & I have used Lymphomyosot before, and it helped us in so many ways.
Both of us have Lymphedema...And in addition, I have had 2 Lung surgeries,.....have 1 lung, and it is
compromised. The immune system stays low....I catch colds too easily, Bronchitis...Using this product,
I found that the mucous was decreased significantly and I didn't have as many colds. The Lymphatic
system was aided, in that there was a decrease in swelling also." Testimonial from M. Johnson.
Combination Products from top companies such as BHI/Heel and King Bio.

Glandulars and Organs in homeopathic potency offer direct support for their corresponding gland or organ.
Our most popular glandular remedy is Thyroid 6C for balancing thyroid function.
Since homeopathy works with the body, homeopathic Thyroid, support the thyroid gland and its functions.
This allows us to safely use glandulars for hyper or hypo functioning.
Other popular are Adrenal Gland; Thymus Gland, Pituitary Gland.

Organ Remedies are available for the various organs and tissues in the body.
Email Us when looking for an organ not listed online.
Organotherapy, the use of Sarcodes works on the premise that:
1. A homeopathic gland acts upon its corresponding gland.
2. Low Potencies such as 6X or 12X stimulate its corresponding gland function and is used for a low/hypothyroid symptoms.
3. Medium potency 6C balances, supports and regulates corresponding gland or organ function.
4. Medium high potencies such as 30C or 200C help with over functioning of the gland or organ.

Nosode category includes remedies for:
1) vaccine damage;
2) exposure to contagious diseases; and
3) supportive and pallative care for diseases such as cancers.
Influenza nosode/Influenzinum is available in Flu Plus.
Information on products such as Thymuline for the immune system and flu products in my Flu Newsletter.
New Nosode Listing for in-stock nosodes.

Written by Kathryn Jones DiHom Diploma in Homeopathy, M.Ed., Registered Health Counselor. No part may be reproduced except brief quotations for articles or review with proper credit to Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor & Elixirs.com
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