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Health Issues As We Age
No matter our age, good health is crucial to optimum energy levels.
Physical vitality and mental acuity allows us the ability to be productive.
This newsletter will be beneficial to all ages since the health concerns
covered can be from illness or injury, as well as aging.
So here are remedies that can help us enjoy a high quality of life.
Fall and winter weather often worsen our skin ailments. If you suffer from
cracked and bleeding hands, fingers, heels - use Graphites cream and pellets
Improve slow healing skin sores, irritated skin from cold and wind, nail fungus,
keloid, fibroma, wens, skin tags. Use cream along with pellets for best results.
Tried products for skin rashes, eczema, burning and itchy skin and no results?
Use homeopathic SKIN, a combination in a synergistic blend that helps
to remove the causes of skin problems. Many skin conditions are created or
worsened by medication. SKIN works with the body, month supply for $10.99.
See additional remedies for Acne, Eczema, Cold Sores, dry hair and skin and more.

A common concern for Senior Citizens is bladder control. Homeopathy
can provide support without causing side effects like regular medications.
Customers trying our Uri Control often find improvement within days. They
feel less urgency and can go out to do errands without a problem.
Loss of urine from sneezing or coughing is relieved. For incontinence,
use 1 tablet 3 times a day for 1-2 months, less frequent as improvement is made.
Only $10.99 for a month supply Uri Control. Purchase 2 months supply for $2 off.
Just received 11-6-04, this email from Dara, "I am amazed how well the URI-Control
works for my spasming bladder. I could not use Detrol as it made me cough so I'd
have to break the pills in half and even then it really left me with dry mouth.
URI-Control does not leave me with any side effects."

A joint pain remedy I consider top-of-the-line is
Rhus Tox. If you haven't tried
this remedy, you owe it to yourself to see how good Rhus tox really is.
We have better prices and selection in potencies and sizes than health stores.
Plus, ELIXIRS.COM offers great customer support with online information,
questions answered by email, FAQ's and tollfree 1-800-390-9970 .
Online help on Differences in Rhus Tox Potencies and How to Choose Potency
Hip joints are a definite area of concern as we age. For hip joint support,
consider natural Cinchona along with Cell Salt Calcium Phos.

For osteoporosis concerns use Bone, a wonderful combination
of supportive remedies to prevent bone loss. Bone 100 tablets only $10.99.
Some people have high blood levels of calcium and yet have weak bones because
of poor absorption. Improve calcium absorption with Calcium Phos 6X
1000 tablets only $13.99 for a 4 month supply.
Both Bone and Calcium Phos are beneficial for fractures in the elderly
for body aches and for relieving growing pains in children and teens.

Ginkgo Biloba is known for improving mental functioning. Improve absorption with
homeopathic Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo benefits the circulatory system and
increases oxygen to the cells so it is no wonder that this remedy supports
mental clarity, concentration and memory.
May help with aging symptoms of forgetfulness and mental confusion.
This is another remedy you owe to yourself to try and see for yourself its benefits
for your own mental clarity and memory.
Only $10.99 for 1 month supply of Ginkgo Biloba Purchase 2 for $1 off each bottle.

The book Homeopathic Remedies for the Stages of Life $16.95 tells about the
remedy, Cinchona, for those who have lost purpose in life. The book tells
us that the "Cinchona person can't find the key to themselves, and it is
significant that in daily life they are constantly losing their keys!"

Weak hip joints can be a real danger to the elderly and this same remedy,
Cinchona, supports hip joint function. Use with Calcium Phos mentioned previously.

Stress, grief, illness all take an emotional toll. Ignatia to the rescue.
Ignatia is a great calming remedy and useful for insomnia, anxiety, depression.
Ignatia is especially suitable for emotional upsets and depression,
grief from illness or death of a loved one, whether recent or not.
Useful for High Blood Pressure from grief, shock and disappointment.

The book, The Complete Homeopathic Handbook, tells us that
"Ignatia is valuable for all stages in life, for sensitive children who have developed
sore throats or a tummy ache or insomnia after being punished or severely frightened
or if homesick." For teenagers who fall in love very easily, and then become mopey
and depressed when the relationship breaks apart. The book tells us,
"Ignatia is for men and women at all ages and in all walks of life who have
suffered inwardly and become introspective and moody.
For older folks who, after losing a spouse or close friend, grieve silently,
without ceasing, struggling on and coping, and suffering from ill health as
a result. They sigh and yawn from holding tension in their chests."
From the book, Homeopathy for Headaches, we learn that Ignatia is useful for
headaches brought on from emotional stress, headaches from smoke
and perfume, cluster headaches, migraines, rebound headaches from medications.

We carry Ignatia 30X for acute, or sudden problems, 30C for chronic symptoms.
For questions on potency, see my new Potency FAQ's.
Homeopathic Medicine for Mental Health, $15.95
Homeopathic Remedies. best buy $12.99
Ritalin Free Kids, $16.95
Additional online information on remedies for:

Flu is a real concern for those over 50 because often they don't quite
shake the infection completely. The lingering symptoms take quite
a toll on general health and energy. If you already have a weakness
in respiratory health, your risks are greater.
The lingering ailments are often coughs and respiratory symptoms
that are especially difficult to overcome.
The great thing about homeopathy is you can use remedies proactively.
If you have a cold or flu, don't wait patiently to see if the illness will
progress to the point that you need to see a doctor or hospital.
Respond quickly to imbalance with homeopathy!
If you are biding your time hoping early winter flu, or late winter/ spring flu passes
you and your family by, please consider how well homeopathy works as a preventative.
Homeopathy is safe for the elderly or those with weakened immune systems.
We carry the updated 2004-2005 Influenzinum.
With each purchase, of any size of Influenzinum, I include my specific dosage info for
1) preventing the flu, 2) responding to direct flu exposure, 3) for treating flu symptoms.
Dolivaxil is now available, along with 2 sizes of Influenzinum. See online additional
Flu Remedies which include the popular Thymulin, a cold preventative, and
NEW Influenzinum in our economy family 1 oz size in 9C preventative potency
and now in 30C potency for treating stubborn flu, cold and low grade infections.

Homeopathic safe and effective remedies for:
Respiratory Coughs
Chest soreness
Colds helpful for any age.

To help with recovery during and after illness:
Fatigue New item, on sale $8.99
Flu Plus
Remember for flu prevention Dolivaxil.
An additional comment: Senior Citizens are often on one, two or three medications.
How does this impact using homeopathy?
1) Homeopathy helps the body without side effects & causing others problems!
2) Homeopathy can be used safely at the same time as prescription
medications. Homeopathy does not increase blood pressure, etc.
3) Homeopathy offers benefits without interfering with other
therapies, supplements or vitamins.

To Your Good Health,
Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor

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