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Kathryn Jones' Health Newsletters
Health Information written by Kathryn Jones Health Counselor
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Kathryn Jones Homeopathic degree, and M.Ed. in Education


  Cell Salts. FAQ's on Individual Biochemic Remedies. Bioplasma combination. Deficiency signs of each Cell Salt.

  Children's Health

  Dental Care

  Depression and Anxiety

  Emergency Preparedness

  FAQ's Potency; Homeopathic Principles- Provings...; Dosage, etc.

  Supporting Adrenal, Thymus and Thyroid Glands

  Immune System


  Men's Health


  Using Topical Homeopathic Ointments and Creams

  Organotherapy Supporting organs, remedies for eyes, intestines, kidneys, liver, etc.

  Pain Relief for Arthritis, Dental, Chronic Pain, General Aches, Headaches, Surgery

  Homeopathy for Pets, Horses and Farm Animals

  Sinus Problems

  Safety of Homeopathy
  Stress and Anxiety

  Vaccination Dangers and Alternatives

  Weight Loss

  Women's Health

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