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Materia Medica: Remedy Information
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Remedies Listed in Materia Medica

  Aconitum Napellus,

  Allium Cepa

  Antimonium Tartaricum,
  Antimonium Tart

  Apis Mellifica,
  Apis Mell

  Arnica Montana,

  Arsenicum Album
  Bryonia Alba,

  Carbo Veg


  Ferrum Phosphoricum,
  Ferrum Phos


 Hepar Sulphur




  Magnesium Phos,
  Magnesia Phosphorica

 Mercurius Vivus

 Nux Vomica



  Rhus Tox

  Ruta Graveolens,
  Ruta Grav

  Spongia Tosta


  Veratrum Album

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Materia Medica

This Remedy Reference Guide page is called a Materia Medica. Materia Medica is Latin for medical material. Materia Medicas differ from Repertories by listing the Remedy's name and description. Whereas, Repertories list illnesses first.

Materia Medicas also list the remedies under their Latin names. These Homeopathic names may differ from common names that are used when in herbal form. Following the name of the remedy, in a Materia Medica, is a "Picture" or description. This "Picture" consists of listing various characterstics of an illness, or illnesses, and symptoms a person might exhibit who Needs That Particular Remedy. Also listed may be clinical uses for the remedy, keynote symptoms, and modalities.

Modalities are listing of what makes you feel better or feel worse. For instance, Bryonia will list the modality of worse with motion, whereas Rhus tox will list the modality of worse with inactivity. This also relates to the modality of worse in morning. Rhus tox people will feel worse in the morning after a night of laying still and allowing joints to stiffen. Learning the leading characteristics and keynotes of the basic remedies listed here will help when looking for the correct remedy to treat your family for first-aid and seasonal disorders. For instance, when you see a family member with a fever, or an illness showing red, e.g. red ears, you will think of the keynote symptom of the remedy Belladonna.

There can be confusion in Materia Medicas, since the pattern is to list descriptions that are from the remedy's Proving. Homeopathic remedies go through this process of Provings to determine the curative properties of each remedy. Homeopathy's premise is Like Treating Like, Similar Treating Similar. So what symptoms are Proved or shown when tested on people, are the same symptoms that can be treated with that remedy.
So remembering Like Treating Like will prevent confusion when reading Materia Medicas.

When researching for the correct Homeopathic Remedy, remember to use both your Materia Medica and your Repertory Cross reference to see if the remedy is indeed the best match.

Because homeopathy is safe and helps gently to guide the body, sudden illness and injury should be treated at first indication.
Remember that you don't need to match everything listed under a remedy to benefit from the remedy. Especially for sudden illness or first-aid, you only need to find the closest remedy matching the particular symptom that is the most troublesome.

For instance, you have a cold. Remedy choices as indicated in the Repertory are- Nux Vom, Mer Vivus, Gelsemium, Bryonia. But your cold has an especially watery discharge, even burning. Although you don't have a sore throat or headache that Gelsemium is also indicated for, Gelsemium is most likely the correct remedy.

Online REPERTORY New expanded rubric/symptom selection
100's of ailments listed.

Information by Kathryn Jones, our Homeopathic Specialist.
As always, consult your health care provider if symptoms persist or worsen.

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