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Immune Boosters

We can feel it in the air, the change of seasons.
Many of us find we are more prone to illness when the seasons change.
This newsletter will address remedies useful for change of weather.
We are already seeing flu and colds around us. It's timely that Dolivaxil
has just become available for the 2004-2005 flu season.
Plus plenty of tips on finding the correct remedy information.

Now in-stock for the 2004-2005 year is the famous Dolivaxil Flu Preventative.
A repeat product with my clients every year, because it works!
Once again, it is time to prepare our families for fall and winter illnesses.
Dolivaxil is the only natural product that is updated every year for the specific
flu strains. Safe and effective, Dolivaxil stimulates the body's own defense system.
This provides natural protection throughout the flu season.
Dolivaxil is designed and packaged with easy protocol to use as a
preventative to the flu. Purchase one box per family member. Each box
contains the complete treatment of 5 tubes. Take one tube per week
for 4 weeks. Wait 3 weeks, then take the final tube.
Homeopathy is safe and works with your body to strengthen the immune system.
10 years of Dolivaxil use shows a 90% effectiveness in flu prevention.
Only $14.99 to prevent the harsh symptoms of the flu plus save the cost
of lost school days and work days. Online information and secure ordering -
Dolivaxil Flu Preventative. Get a headstart in protection.

Are you among the many people who are more susceptible to flu and colds,
especially as the seasons change? The following remedies are especially
suitable for illness following the change of the weather from warm to cold:
Aconite for sudden illness of children when the day changes from warm to cold.

Cold by BHI with Pulsatilla for children with constantly runny noses.

Dulcamara is especially useful for children's colds, coughs, excess mucous.

Hepar Sulphur for sore throats and croup, sneezing and runny nose
after exposure to cold dry winds.

Rhus Tox for adult malaise; body aches associated with fatigue, illness, arthritis.
For pain relief from any pains that feel worse after sitting, inactivity or first thing in
the morning. An important flu remedy and our #1 arthritis remedy.
Go from stiff to active with Rhus Tox. Call 1-800-390-9970 for assistance ordering.

Our Mold Yeast Dust product will get you through the season feeling great.
Homeopathy is a safe and effective alternative to shots for allergy relief.
How does Homeopathy help? Homeopathy seeks to naturally stimulate the body's
natural defenses against allergens. So the body is in a position to react less
and less to allergens. More information how homeopathy works for allergies
and choosing your homeopathic allergen on my Allergy Education Page.
For descriptions and pictures of allergy, asthma products see Allergy Products.
Mold Yeast Dust is great relief for those of us affected by molds, dust mites,
and fungus. Relief of respiratory congestion and difficulty breathing.
Customers using Human Growth Complex are reporting noticeable
results with pain relief in muscles and joints and injury repair (including
myself getting results of motion back in my fingers and wrist after breaking
my wrist). SALE 25% off, now $37.50.
Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone offers an inexpensive alternative to
shots plus no side effects that are part of other hormone therapies.
Men's Rejuvenation Formula with human growth hormone - NEW!
Eye Health remedies to improve vision, eye symptoms - includes new Eye Drops.
Air Defense Spray, designed to protect against airborne germs. Protection even
when directly exposed to germs at school or work. Easy to use nasal mist to get
remedies to mucous membranes in the nose where 98% of germs, viruses and
pollutants enter the body. Great to prevent you from getting and spreading viruses.
Air Defense 20% SALE, now only $14.29.

Now on sale - - top cold and sinus products!
Euphorbium Sinus Relief Spray is our most popular sinus product,
10% SALE $13.49 with an additional 10% off when purchasing 2 or more.
Breathing Relief Kit 15% off - Relief for post nasal drip, allergies, difficult breathing.
Includes Hayfever Nasal Spray, Allergy tablets, Asthma tablets and Sinus tablets.
Remedies for bronchitis, coughs, congestion, sinus infections see
Sinus and Cold Remedies - Includes important single remedies such as
Bryonia, Chamomilla, Gelsemium for relief of pain, earaches, insomnia
plus our effective combination products such as Bronchitis, Chest and
Echinacea with supportive remedies to get your feeling your best fast
Online descriptions with pictures of each product for effective and low cost relief.

Written by Kathryn Jones. Newsletter Copyright © 2004 Kathryn Jones
Kathryn Jones Diploma in Homeopathy BA in Nutrition Registered Health Counselor
HEALTH@ELIXIRS.COM- email address

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