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Here are some comments from current readers:
"Your information makes the difference! My brother and I have tried homeopathy from health stores without much luck, now with ELIXIRS.COM
information we are selecting helpful remedies, such as your glandulars, and having great success. R.U. CA."

"Kathryn, Wow! Thank you so much for your courteous, thorough and insightful response. You really take time to answer questions and
I recommend your site to everyone who will listen. You don't just sell products, you educate and offer real solutions. Thanks again! Jennifer"

"Just a note to say thanks! I love my subscription to your newsletter. You do a great job. Keep 'em coming." L. Maul

"Your site is so very helpful with the list of homeopathic remedies and excellent information about each one of them and their uses!!
Thank you so much~ THUMBS UP!!"Mary Ellen
"Hi, I so much enjoy and appreciate your newsletters. I know of no one else who takes the time that you do to give such in-depth and descriptive
detail regarding the different problems for which a remedy may be used, as well as the specific differentiating symptoms one might be
experiencing that would cause him/her to need to take one remedy instead of another. I would never know which was the correct item to order
without the write-ups you provide in simple and clear language. So - thank you for your research and your clarity in presenting what you have
discovered that would be of assistance and interest to us, and thank you for expending all the time and effort that you do to present the results
of your careful research to us throughout your website. I never like to miss anything that you send out -- in fact, I save all your newsletters in their
own folder so that I can refer to them forever! Thank you for your assistance."J Raleigh, NC

"I love receiving your newsletters, they are wonderful resource info and I save them all." Thank you Gwen, Kent, CT.

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