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Homeopathy Basics Does and Don'ts
I am continually adding information online to make it easier for the reader to locate answers.
Here are some recent additions:
Cell Salt Information including Bioplasma the once-a-day remedy the entire family uses to stay healthy.
FAQ's What is Homeopathy. How fast does homeopathy act? Dosage suggestions. Definitions.
Health Information on many health topics
Potency Choosing the correct potency, what is the difference between X and C potencies?
This newsletter answers some additional FAQ questions.

I hear a lot of variations on when to take remedies.
Here is a good way to maximize absorption and receive the full benefit of remedies:
Take your remedies prior to mealtime when the mouth is clean and free of food.
Isn't that a simple and effective method? A clean mouth, rinsed free of toothpaste and food,
will maximize absorption. Before meals is easy to remember when dosing regularly.
Using homeopathy is easy when you realize the only real rule is Take Your Remedy!
Leave all the complicated rules to someone else. Just get started and find the benefits for yourself.

I find that slowly chewing or dissolving the remedy work well for tablets or pellets. This way the remedy is
going into your system via the first line of digestion, your saliva. You may wish to place the remedy under
the tongue where there are more receptors for absorption, but that is not necessary.

Placing the remedy in food or water, or swallowing the remedy, is acceptable and can be used for children or animals.

Concerning restrictions on waiting a certain amount of time, remember- remedies go immediately into your system.
So waiting so long after meals or between remedies is not generally an issue.
Your health practitioner may have specific requirements for dosing depending on
your remedies, the reason for needing the remedy, sensitivity, etc.

A fast acting product is ANXIETY and STRESS Relief Combo, use for daytime stress or to calm the mind at night.

Building gradually your homeopathic medicine cabinet is easy.
When stored correctly, your homeopathic remedies will provide years of effective medicine.
To keep your remedies effective for the next time you need them, follow a few basic rules.
#1--Keep remedies away from moisture and contamination. Do not refrigerate.
Do not store in bathroom medicine cabinets. This is whether the remedy is pellets, tablets or liquid.
#2--Keep the remedies away from strong odors. Store completely away from smoke,
perfume, coffee, strong smells, aromatherapy remedies, paints, chemicals, aromatic odors, etc.
Avoid having camphor, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, various mint products, or perfumes around the remedies.
Store away from other vibrational medicines. This includes aromatherapy, magnets, essential oils, etc.
A remedy will pick up the vibrations and smells and will be contaminated.
A contaminated remedy will smell and taste off. If this happens, discard the remedy and bottle.
If you are in a smoking environment, keep remedies in a separate closed off room that is smoke free.
Homeopathic remedies will not be antidoted by conventional medications.
You may continue prescriptions, regular check ups, blood tests.
Lotions, aftershave, cosmetics are not strong enough to be of any problem.
Our products do not need to be further diluted or succussed.

Try our easy to use NEW homeopathic sprays. Just spray in the mouth for quick results.

Be careful when dispensing a remedy not to contaminate the remedy. Always pour the tablets
or pellets from the bottle into the cap of the bottle. From there transfer the remedy onto a spoon
prior to taking the remedy or giving the remedy to a child or adult.
Sprays are great, just spray onto tongue.
Do not place the remedy into your hand prior to giving to another person. This gives you the remedy
plus contaminates the remedy.
If you place tablets into your hand and pour the excess tablets back into the bottle,
the moisture from your hand contaminates the remedy and will cause the tablets to break down.

When using liquids, place dosage into a spoon and then give to the patient.
We now carry all 12 Cell Salts in liquid form for people sensitive to lactose tablets. 12X 1 fl oz.

Written by Kathryn Jones DiHom Diploma in Homeopathy, BA, Registered Health Counselor. Newsletter Copyright © 2005 Kathryn Jones
No part may be reproduced except brief quotations for articles or review with proper credit to Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor & Elixirs.com
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