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Flu Products for 2014-2015 Flu Season

Our Homeopathic Influenzinum products are a safe and effective way to prepare for the flu season.
All our Influenzinum products are useful for flu concerns. Influenzinum products listed 2014-2015 are updated with this year's flu strains.
This year, we have again packaged the updated 2014-2015 Influenzinum into the popular "dolivaxil style" kits.
Save money with our Dual Pack for treating 2 people for the flu season.
The majority of our orders are from repeat customers who use homeopathic Influenzinum successfully year after year.
Customers save time and money while protecting their health safely and naturally. Thanks for using homeopathy!

Now in stock are our popular Influenzinum products with the 2014-2015 updated flu strains.
Order now our famous Dolivaxil Style that is great for people new to homeopathy and convenient for the seasoned user.
We have in-stock 9C potency.
Influenzinum 9C products
Influenzinum 30C products
Influenzinum 2014-2015 Products.
The Influenzinum 2014-2015 is updated with current flu strains.
"Dolivaxil Style" is the complete one kit /per person. Provides protection for the entire flu season.
PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH The immune system protects the body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues by producing an immune response with the thymus, lymph nodes, lymphatic system, etc.
Bioplasma, Thymuline , Lymphomyosot offer natural support for the immune system, Plus these homeopathic products and are safe for regular use and safe for all ages.

BIOPLASMA enhances absorption of nutrients for cellular activity. The results are you will feel energized, have better digestion, and handle stress better.
Bioplasma can be used as a standalone product to maintain optimal health. Economically priced, 1000 tablets only $20.70.
You may use individual Cell Salts for specific health ailments. Many Cell Salts are 20% off on 500 tablets and 1000 tablets.

THYMULINE is another favorite immune support product to avoid illness. Thymuline supports the thymus gland’s part in immunity. Thymuline is often used together with one of our flu products to boost effectiveness. Thymuline is also in various flu kits.

LYMPHOMYOSOT supports the lymphatic system’s important part in immunity. Lymphomyosot gently keeps the body cleansed from toxicity. Use in liquid or tablets or as a part of our Detox Kit: Lymphomyosot 100 tablets $27.99 or Lymphomyosot liquid $28.99.

"Dolivaxil Style" is the complete one kit /per person. Provides protection for the entire flu season .
Kit contains 5 vials of Influenzium 9C updated for 2014-2015.
Why is Influenzinum THE product for the flu season? Because -
1. Influenzinum is updated with flu strains for 2014-2015, as determined by World Health Organization.
2. Influenzinum is a safe homeopathic flu shot alternative for people unable to obtain a flu shot.
3. If you avoid flu shots for health reasons, Influenzinum is a safe alternative. Homeopathic potenized
Influenzinum is much safer than vaccines for the elderly and for people with weak immune systems.
A safe alternative for pregnant women and children.
For more information on vaccines and the dangers of polluting our bloodstream Vaccine Alternatives page.
4. Influenzinum stimulates the body's own defense system.
5. User-friendly directions, by Kathryn Jones Health Counselor, are included with your order.

Influenzinum 9C is the only ingredient. Our "dolivaxil style" means we are packaging together 5 vials with the goofproof instructions.
Take 1 vial per week for 4 weeks, wait 4 weeks and take the last vial. That's it for the entire flu season!

Last six years we have been the only company packing the 5 vial set. A service for you, our valued customers.
You can now order Influenzinum 9C "dolivaxil style" packaging, or
Save money with our Dual Pack for treating 2 people for the flu season.
Boiron is the manufacturer for the vials and then ELIXIRS.COM packages up the "dolivaxil style" kits.
Research and studies have shown the effectiveness of Influenzinum in over 95% of cases.
98% of the subjects were interested in repeating the prevention protocol the following year.
We sell the updated 2014-2015 homeopathic Influenzinum 9C. Beware of cheap influenzinum products that are actually past years.


When ordering Influenzinum package "dolivaxil style", purchase 1 box per person. Kit contains 5 vials of Influenzinum 9C.
Dosing: Take 1 vial per week for 4 weeks, wait 4 weeks and take the last vial.
That's it for the entire flu season!

Single bottles also available.
Multidose tube of 75 pellets with 25 doses;
1 oz bottle of 800 pellets with 105 doses;
One dose equals 3 pellets taken at one time. Chew slowly, or put remedy under the tongue.
Dosing: Take one dose weekly. This type of dosing is best when exposed directly and regularly to ill people.
Alternative dosing-
One dose once a week for 4 weeks, then wait 4 weeks and then take 1 additional dose.

For treating flu and general fall and winter malaise, use Influenzinum 30C mid-range potency.
Influenzinum 2014-2015.
30C potency for treating flu aches, winter malaise, fatigue, nausea, headache and lingering illness.
Dosing for flu symptoms: one dose 3 times a day. Decrease dosing slowly as improvement is made.
Click to view the various Influenzinum sizes.
Dosage information is included with each Influenzinum product for prevention, exposure, treatment.

Flu Health Kit with 3 products to address current flu issues: immune support, respiratory protection, and flu symptoms.
Flu Health Kit includes generous bottles of 1) Upper Respiratory Balance, 2) Thymuline, and 3) Winter Tonic/Influenzinum blend. Available in 2 sizes.
Flu Health Kit for 1 to 4 people 3 products 1/2 oz each, $51 value, 25% off SALE, $38.95
Flu Health Kit for 5 to 8 people 3 products 1 oz each, $64 value, 20% SALE, now $48.95.
Kits includes:
1) Upper Respiratory Balance is used for respiratory symptoms. Upper Respiratory Balance contains remedies for the throat and remedies that support lung function.
Upper Respiratory Balance helps with respiratory symptoms due to pneumonia, flu, chest cold, summer colds, coughs, asthma, allergies,
chest and lung symptoms, walking pneumonia, flu, etc. Upper Respiratory Balance is a great product for emergency preparedness when in
large groups, on planes, etc. Use whenever exposed to flu, colds, and viruses that affect the respiratory system.
Upper respiratory is a blend that include pertussis, lung, large intestine, and 3 pneumonia remedies to strengthen the
respiratory system and avoid secondary flu complications.
2) Thymuline supports the thymus gland and the immune system. Thymuline is suggested by health professionals as
beneficial for the flu and cold season. We have found that Thymuline boosts the effectiveness of other homeopathic flu products.
If you are more at risk for flu complications or work where you are exposed to illness, I highly recommend Thymuline be taken with
your Influenzinum product such as Winter Tonic. Safe for all ages. Clinical studies show reduction of mucous and bronchial problems.
3) Winter Tonic is our blend for winter infections and flu.
When you purchase the kit, I include my user-friendly guide for immune support, exposure and
treatment of flu symptoms: A single dose, taken at one time is 3 pellets, slowly chew no taste pellets.
You can use all 3 products together.
Immune support dose for prevention of illness:
Once weekly, take 1 dose of Upper Respiratory Balance, Winter Tonic and Thymuline.
Exposure to illness dose:
Take 1 dose, as soon as possible after exposure to someone ill, of Upper Respiratory Balance, Winter Tonic, and Thymuline.
Treatment dose for relief of flu symptoms:
3 times a day, take 1 dose Upper Respiratory Balance, Winter Tonic and Thymuline.
As improvement is made, slowly decrease dose. If symptoms return go back to previous dosing
level, if feeling good, continue decreasing dose.
The products can be purchased separately and are available in 2 sizes and other kit combinations.
Upper Respiratory Balance $17- $21.
Thymuline $17- $21.
Winter Tonic/Influenzinum Blend $17- $21.

Glandular support is important when ill and during the flu season.
Lymphatic Support is essential in removing toxins from the body and to eliminate
foreign bacteria and viruses.
The lymphatic system is the body's 24/7 natural defense against infection.

A healthy immune system is dependent on a healthy lymphatic system.

The lymph system includes the thymus, spleen, tonsils and adenoids. General health, vitality,
the ability to fight infections and rebound from stress are all reliant on our lymphatic system.

Lymph fluid and lymph glands trap and prevent germs and toxins from harming the body.
The body couldn't live 24 hours without a functioning lymphatic system!
Lymphomyosot is the best product I have provided customers through the years for stubborn illnesses.

Lymphomyosot is a synergistic blend of homeopathic remedies. The product can be used
even in weakened states when ill to turn around glandular swelling and infection.
Use Lymphomyosot to speed healing and boost the immune system.
A customer emails, "Both my daughter & I have used Lymphomyosot before, and it helped us
in so many ways. Both of us have Lymphedema...And in addition, I have had 2 Lung surgeries,.....
have 1 lung, and it is compromised. The immune system stays low....I catch colds too easily, bronchitis...
Using this product, I found that the mucous was decreased significantly and I didn't have as many colds.
The Lymphatic system was aided, in that there was a decrease in swelling also."
See current SALE prices for Lymphomyosot, in tablets or liquid

Multiple Glandular Support offers a safe gentle boost for the glandular system, while safely keeping the glandular function in balance.
Customer testimonial on Multiple Glandular Support, "I was addressing all the glandulars individually. It was
time consuming and I was frustrated. Kathryn suggested that I use the Multiple Glandular Support. It has been a miracle,
I no longer use any of the other numerous glandulars. I have more energy and sleep better than I have in years."
Multiple Glandular Support sale prices, in liquid or pellets.

Thymuline and Influenzinum Kits offer a synergistic approach.
First product is Thymuline to strengthen the immune system.
Second product is Influenzinum for Health against 2008-10 flu strains.
I include my dosing sheet which covers dosing for prevention, exposure and treatment of flu symptoms.
Choose between 2 kits: 9C health potency, or 30C for symptoms. Your choice - sale priced.

Winter Wellness Kit includes 4 of Kathryn Jones Health Counselor recommended products:
1- Quebracho for respiratory weakness, flu, coughs, bronchitis.
2- Bioplasma to strengthen the immune system.
3- Oscillococcinum for first signs of flu symptoms.
Oscillococcinum is pronounced O-SILL-O-COX-SEE-NUM and known by its nickname- Oscillo.
4-ENGYSTOL for viral infections. $27.99.
Suffering from a sluggish system? Excess mucous? Infection? Engystol offers a combination of remedies to strengthen your ability to overcome chronic conditions. Engystol helps with inflammation and painful joints. Engystol helps increase your body's immune system to improve toxic health conditions, such as skin disorders, infections, fevers and viral infections. Engystol stimulates your body's own immunity defense functions in cases of feverish viral diseases such as; influenza, swollen glands, infection. Use for the common cold, coughs, and sore throats. Engystol lessens the duration and the intensity of the illness.

911 STRESS CONTROL for winter sanity. $19.95.
911 Stress Control helps you feel back in control. 911 Stress Control helps with nervous tension, free floating anxieties, worry and trauma.
911 Stress Control helps you react more calmly during high pressure or upsetting situations. 911 Stress Control is fast acting. Take as needed with no side effects.
911 Stress Control can be safely used for all ages- youngsters to seniors. Use for children to settle down fits of whining, sulking, jealousy, fear, or anger.
Mental, physical, emotional stress? No problem - 911 Stress Control covers all types of stress. fits of whining, sulking, jealousy, fright, and anger. 911 Stress Control helps you mentally focus when concerned with shyness, agoraphobia, OCD.
Homeopathy is proactive medicine that can be used before you become ill enough for the doctor.

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